Glide Shot Put: Technical Checklist

Phase 1:        Grip and Load                                

  • Shot placed on base of the fingers
  • Wrist flexed to 90°
  • Thumb rests on collarbone

Phase 2:        Assuming the stance

  • Right foot at ring’s rear edge
  • Back parallel to the ground
  • All bodyweight rests on the bent right leg
  • Left arm long, low and loose

Phase 3:        Initiating the glide

  • Sequential movement of the glide …
    • 1. Knees come together
    • 2. Hips unseat and fall back sliggtly
    • 3. Push up off of the right leg/heel
  • Above measurements are sequential and distinct
  • Upper body remains passive and closed

Phase 4:        Flight

  • Right foot comes under chest
  • Right toe turned sideways prior to landing
  • Upper body remains passive and closed

Phase 5:        Landing and landing position

  • All bodyweight on right foot
  • Right leg bent, but pelvis is neutral
  • Left leg reaches to toeboard, bears no bodyweight
  • Feet land almost simultaneously
  • feet in heel ball relationship
  • Shoulders at 180°
  • Hips at 90°
  • Pelvis remains neutral at landing
  • Upper body remains passive and closed

Phase 6:        Early delivery

  • Hips turn completely to throwing direction
  • Bodyweight transfers completely to left foot
  • Legs push up and hips rise
  • The above occur simultaneously and at the same rate
  • Upper body remains passive and closed.

Phase 7:        Late delivery

  • Left arm sweeps wide in plane of the Shot’s path
  • Chest begins to turn
  • Left wrist blocks at left side
  • Chest turns completes turn
  • Shot moves out in front of right shoulder

Phase 8:        The strike

  • Pushing movement
  • Elbow elevated
  • Thumb down
  • Wrist extends at release

Phase 9:        The finish

  • Right arm follows through across the chest
  • Sequential movement of the reverse…
  •             1. Right foot kicks toeboard
  •             2. Left foot moves back and up, chest turns to the left
  • Above movements are sequential and distict  


Glide Shot Put: Technical Checklist